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High Court hears of John Delaney’s bid to have ODCE proceedings heard in private- Litigation Matter. Copy

 The High Court, sitting in Dublin has listened to legal submissions presented by lawyers on behalf of John Delaney, as to proceedings brought by the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE), concerning the affairs of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), heard in private.

Mr. Delaney, a notice party, to the action, has cited that excessive media coverage of the proceedings, will result in private and legally privileged information, being put into the public domain, which goes beyond what is required , as part of this action.

 It is being sought by Mr. Delaney’s legal team, that the case be heard ‘in camera’, effectively in private and without any media reporting.

Lawyers for the Sunday Times, have opposed this application, as brought, on grounds, that it is in the public interest to hear the proceedings.

 Ms. Justice Leonie Reynolds, has been asked to determine what information can be disclosed during the course of the proceedings, as brought by the ODCE.

Solicitor for the Sunday Times,  Simon McAleese said his client wished to make submissions, to include the importance that justice be seen to be administered in public, describing the application, by Mr. Delaneys legal team, as “very draconian”.

He also noted that such an application was premature, at this stage of the proceedings, referring to the application to preclude the media from reporting on the case.

The High court case has been adjourned, to allow all parties make legal submissions, for Justice Reynolds, to consider and deliver her ruling.

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